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Watch and Wait in Wonder

Dec 5, 9:00am-noon, $40

During this morning retreat, we’ll gather around the story of Elizabeth and listen for the invitations to watch in wonder as God’s work unfolds within us and around us. You’ll have the opportunity to create a luminary with an icon of Elizabeth and Mary that you can use to companion your Advent waiting days. You’ll receive a list of supplies to gather for the luminary activity. Our time will be rich with prayer, music, storytelling and reflection.

Retreat Leaders are Helms Jarrell and Monica Citty Hix.

Helms is a minister, artist and member of the QC Family Tree community in Charlotte, NC. QC Family Tree is a neighborhood based community development organization that practices cultural organizing to cultivate community for the common good. She says, “my work intentionally integrates art, faith, and culture into organizing strategies to build people power and social change.”

Monica is a minister, musician and spiritual companion. She serves as Founding Director of Inner Ground, Inc.

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