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ILI reflection part 4: Thank you, Lehua

Cohort member, Lehuanani Ah Nee, leads us through an exercise.  She facilitates with such rootedness and sincerity that in a matter of minutes many members of the group are tearing up.  I felt gratitude, insight, and release.  I want to protect Lehuanani’s work by choosing not to share all the steps of the exercise. She can do that on her terms.  But, I want to share my inner journey:  I am looking at a picture of artwork I have created.  When I look at the piece, I recognize that the piece is a cry for deliverance, help, and acknowledgement.  Lehua asks us to consider several questions.  I realize that the process of creating, of making marks, of visually naming my sense of loss, pain, and healing is a way that I have come to deliver, help, and acknowledge myself.  I (with Spirit) have provided the very thing I was looking for.  I am grateful.  I feel relieved.  I feel a sense of power.

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