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Here for Good Podcast

What do you get when you combine

A gut sense that we really have what we need to make the changes we want to see

And a desire to awaken people’s imagination to possibilities for good

plus a couple youtube tutorials

and a microphone

You get Here for Good

Here for Good podcast is a collection of interviews, stories, and music

All aiming to cultivate community for the common good

By exposing folks to people and places that are

Rooted, Community Oriented, and Innovative

Folks who are making changes for the good in our Nation, in our city, and on their block

Here for Good uplifts the voices of folks who see possibilities instead of problems.

They are..communitarians,  possibilitarians, imagineers-

These are...folks who are not only visioning and talking about a world where all may flourish-

but they’re living it out,

they’re rehearsing, practicing, taking a chance on being here for good

Here for Good is hosted by me, Helms Jarrell.

I’m a 15 year resident of Charlotte in Enderly Park.

I am an artist, pastor, and storyteller.

I believe Dorothy Day when she said, “The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give it away.”  The Here for Good Podcast is a way for me to do just that.