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Today, all I have are phrases

One of my sacred kindred people is in the hospital today. Tumors. Surgery

One of my sacred kindred people is in the hospital today. Baby girl.

I have some observations. Some noticings. I feel the urge to share.

There is no safe place to do so. I think the shared observations would lead to growth and possibility.

I must find the right place to do so.

I want to get ahead. To be ready. To organize and strategize and connect.

I want this too much. So much that it won't stop. It won't be soothed.

I put my hair up today. Pin curls wrapped with fuschia. Thank you, Nana.

Mondays are easy. Staff meeting. Neighbor visits. Lots of walking.

What happens after Mondays is a blur.

Trying to get paid. Trying to get ahead. Trying to be ready. Trying trying trying.

And foggy. Thursdays are foggy. Fridays are foggy.

This Thursday is Maundy Thursday. A holy and also sad day.

Maundy Thursday was the day the $#!* hit the fan years ago.

This Friday is Good Friday. A holy and also sad day.

Matthew died on Good Friday years ago.

Easter is on Sunday.

Spring Break is this upcoming week.

What will we do to celebrate?

Where will we find the safe places to roam, wonder, share, rest?

May my sacred people come home to a place of health and rest, a place where corona cannot find them.

picture of our backyard cherry tree taken by Mady McColm

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