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To Our Health

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I'm thinking about the things that are going to keep us whole in these moments. And I'm thinking about the future. How are we committing to take care of ourselves and others? Do we have a strategy for survival and thriving? Are there some new habits we want to form in order to stay connected? What do we do with our grief, fear, and anticipatory anxiety? Who can we go to when we need help, a way out, a refuge?

Here is an incomplete list of resources for holistic survival:

QC Family Tree is hosting an Online Front Porch Meeting tonight at 7pm. During the meeting, we will talk about taking care of self and neighbor, strategize for the future, and express communal concerns and prayers. We will record the meeting for folks who may not be able to attend. This will be an invitation only online meeting. It is easy to get on the invitation list, though. Just send me an email or text and I'll pass on the access link. Here's a doc with the agenda and a bit more information.

I chose this compass quilt image from pieceocake.typepad because the compass, joining circles, colors of fire and water... it reminded me of community coming together...forging a new path...finding a way to liberation...Harriet Tubman...the Underground Railroad...abolitionists...The Parable of the Sower....Octavia Butler...the North Star...

It feels like now is a good reminder of these things.

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