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Steps toward formation continue with Charlotte Mennonite

After a few conversations with Mennonite Conference pastors and the folks in Charlotte who are interested in the possibility of starting a church, we've decided to take another step and meet for worship & brunch on June 26th. If you're wondering how in the world we got to this point, you might want to check out this previous blog entry. I continue to timidly yet excitedly take steps to shepherd the group in these upstart moments. I have created an outline for worship and have invited those who would like to attend to volunteer for leadership roles on the day of our meeting. Here's the worship outline and instructions for volunteering, all are welcome attend and to contribute to the day in the ways you're able.

It is a fun thought project to not only write up a plan for a worship service but to also think about the ways in which we can "open source" it and give lots of access to folks to engage in meaningful and active ways.

If I continue to take steps in shepherding this process, I really want to think thoroughly about how to build a vibrant, radical, inclusive community that actively practices antiracism and anti-oppression in faith filled ways. I want to be wild and bold and practice lavish, radical hospitality. Thus far, the planning and thinking around this possibility has been fun and interesting and has sort of fallen into my lap. I continue to weigh my instinct to resist with a sense of curiosity and excitement. We'll see...

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