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Scarcity mindset is on the rise

I can feel the scarcity narrative resounding within me. I don't know how to get rid of it quite yet. Here's how it goes.

Greg and I lost a good amount of freelance work and thus we're going to struggle financially. Given the organization's already small budget and size, I anticipate QC Family Tree will suffer financially from the constraints on our economy.

Folks are gathering in lots of meetings to share updates, share resources, connect on what's happening and how folks are responding. I feel like I have to be at all the meetings. It feels like if I'm not at the meetings, the organization will not be on anyone's radar and thus we will not get the support we need. Almost all of our work is built off of social capital and in order to keep our social capital in tact, we have to be present. This is what the scarcity mindset tells me.

Organizations, artists, freelancers are all going to be competing for the same resources, the same visibility. If we're not seen, we won't be supported. And thus, I must be seen.

How can I attend all the meetings and also take care of my community and myself? Scarcity mindset tells me I must find a way to do it all.

Folks have been sending me all sorts of links to aid for freelance artists and nonprofits. Scarcity tells me I must look up every single link, apply for every single opportunity. There won't be another opportunity. You'd better follow all the information and get it just right or else you'll miss out on the chance to make up the losses.

Scarcity tells me I better be in front. I better be at the forefront of innovation and at the front of what new things come from this. I better secure my spot now or else I'll have missed the chance to be a thought leader in what's coming next. I better fill my eyes and ears with the most progressive and valued people I know or else I'll be late to the game and any chance I had to make a difference will be lack luster.

I'm tired of scarcity talking to me all the time. I wish I could put it on mute. I'm gong to go walk outside now.

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Just figured out how to comment! Smh.

Thanks for naming and giving a peak of scarcity for you. I resonate. And WALKING OUTSIDE especially in the woods (on some trails that are about 15 minutes from our house) has been CLUTCH.

With you.

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