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Manifest Emmanuel: An Embodied Creative Prayer Workshop

Jan 9th, 9:00-11:30am, $25

Use all the senses to explore what it means to embody Emmanuel, God with us. Helms will lead the participants through a series of expressive and reflective art practices to celebrate and honor the season of Epiphany and the beginning of a new calendar year. Participants will make an artful prayer altar as a part of the workshop. Please gather your supplies and have them ready ahead of time.

Supplies needed

2 pieces of computer paper

1 pencil or pen


Glue or gluestick

Cardboard or cardstock- 1 8x10inch size should do the trick

A paper jewelry gift box, altoid tin, or other small box or container...or a cigar box will do too. Doesn’t have to be any certain shape.

2-3 Magazines


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