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Invoking the Divine- Interactive Installation of Prayer Spaces

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

On March 28th, 2021, with the help of volunteers, I will install nine different interactive and creative meditation spaces outside on the campus of Myers Park Baptist Church. All spaces are welcome to all people. Each space provides options for adults as well as families with children to engage. At each space, there will be tactile and digital multimedia resources for guidance. In order to have the optimum experience, participants will want to bring a smartphone and headphones. The spaces provide a multi-sensory and interactive experience of prayer and creativity.

The prayer spaces are set up in a short loop around the church sanctuary. The first space begins with recognizing a connection to our past. Participants are invited to begin their experience by Honoring the Ancestors at the meditation space located at the columbarium. After taking time to pay homage to the saints who have gone before, participants will move toward a space for invocation, acknowledging the Creator. Moving from there, folks will be directed toward moments of gratitude at the third space. The fourth space offers participants a moment of recognizing connection to our fellow neighbor. Next, the participants will pause to spend time in confession, lament, assurance of pardon, and intercession in spaces five, six, and seven. The eighth space offers a challenge to participants to make a choice, a decision about how they will walk away from the experience. The last space provides a moment of blessing for those who will come after.

Participants will want to carve aside a minimum of 90 minutes for the full experience.

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