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"If you don't know, you don't know." ~Neighbor, Greg

We've settled into a pretty good visitation routine. On each day, we visit approximately 10 households according to geographic region. Each geographic region has a nickname: Parkway Bottoms, Rush & Residents, Effingham Loop, and the Outskirts. Yesterday, we visited with the folks at Rush & Residents.

Greg answered the door of the white house with a hobby horse and pink rag rug on the front porch- I love that hobby horse and pink rug. "Hello Ms. Greg," he said. He thinks my name is Ms. Greg. Everyone's always getting confused with my name. I'm guessing he can easily remember Ms. Greg because his name is Greg, so I don't make a fuss about it. My husband's name is Greg. You wouldn't think it, but I'm fine with answering to Ms. Greg.

We are working on a project to redistribute money to folks who have been left out of the CARES act. In order to gauge needs, we have a quick survey. Kendrick is there surveying folks. I'm grateful I don't have to be the one to ask the survey questions. They aren't too imposing or personal, but it is best if someone else leads that front. I'm glad Kendrick is the one.

After the survey is done, we ask if his Aunt would have different answers to the questions. She owns the home, she may have a different perspective or different needs. He explains that her answers would be the same. He tells us that the family got together to celebrate her birthday in February. They had a big party and bought a cake. Everyone wondered what number to put on the cake. After singing Happy Birthday, they asked, "Auntie, what number should we have put on the cake?" She grinned a sly grin and replied, "If you don't know, you don't know."

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