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Here for Good Podcast

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

In April 2018, I started a podcast called "Here for Good". The first season included 19 episodes focusing on people and places that were working toward the common good. There are several things I loved about creating the podcast: weaving a theme, playing with tunes, interacting and being inspired by folks who are Here for Good. There are a few things I'm not so good at: getting the sound quality just right, securing in person guests to come and record, promoting the podcast so that I have a steady and interactive audience base (which motivates me to do/make more).

Charlotte's NPR station, WFAE, had a local podquest at the beginning of this year. I submitted my podcast with the hopes of winning promotional and production support. There were approximately 375 podcasts to enter. When the initial voting was all said and done, the Here for Good podcast made it to the top #11. WFAE is choosing to lend support to the top 5 podcasts. I was proud of how I did in the podquest, but I had hoped that the support would give me the boost of energy, support, and resources I might need to take the podcast up a notch.

I've been reconsidering what to do next with the podcast. I want to keep it going and have enjoyed particular aspects of it, but I also need to figure out how to make it something that is listened to by others. If I could increase my fan-base and listenership, I'd be much more interested in making more episodes. It looks like I need to do a little more research on sound recording quality, posting to streaming sights, and marketing and then Here for Good will be on its way.

I have some ideas about the next season of Here for Good. I'm thinking if I get my ducks in a row, the episodes will go live throughout the summer. I'm super grateful for the folks who have said they've listened thus far and for those who voted for Here for Good, it's still coming. I promise.

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