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"He's just like his mother" ~Greg

We now have a new morning tradition- Rolly Bat. Rolly bat is a Jarrell family game that reaches back to before Grandaddy Jarrell. It is a simple game, but allows (mostly) for 6ft distancing and also some competition- two things we all need, but especially Zeb who is a team sports player. So far, we have evangelized rolly bat and have converted Xavier, Mady, and Ky to the game.

Brother, our dog, is the best player of the game. He hustles after every ball. He's not so good at batting, though.

This morning, my oldest son was at bat. "Mom, did I tell you what I overheard on the phone? My friend's mom told him that if he didn't straighten up, he would go to foster care." This is not the first time my oldest son has relayed this story to me. He's very concerned about his friend. "Mom, what I was thinking in my head, but I didn't say at the time was, 'The moment you put my friend in foster care, we're going to go straight to foster care and get him!" My oldest son then batted the ball.

Greg caught the ball. He turned to me and said, "He's just like his mother."

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