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Good things

A list of things that are good to me right now

  • My children are happier with all this one on one attention

  • Journaling for documentation and expression

  • When someone reads the journaling and sends their own journal back

  • Sitting under the cherry blossom tree

  • Sitting on the front porch

  • Documenting who I touched base with.

  • Greg is paying attention to the birds

  • Riding bikes

  • Walking

  • Evening prayers

  • The people that attend evening prayers

  • Folks acknowledging, normalizing sharing, and agreeing in solidarity that "things are not ok"

  • Visiting with neighbors

  • So many hugs and kisses from my children

  • Noticing little words of wholeness or peace and incorporating them into the evening prayer liturgy

  • Intentionally finding ways to connect

  • Doing the smallest thing possible and being ok with that

  • Wisdom and prayers of co-laborers

  • I found another 4 leaf clover on accident yesterday

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