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Folktale workshop prompt 1

I am taking a 6 week online workshop from Transformative Language Arts Network entitled, "Fantastic Folktales & Visionary Angles to Transform Our Stories" taught by Lynette Ford. Here are some examples of my writing from the workshop:

Prompt: If you could turn one of those places you didn't want to go into a "cartoonish" (exaggerated; humorous; caricature of the reality) illustration, what would it be? Describe it in detail. Illustrate it, if you can. Or post an illustration from a clip art or Internet common site that fits the place you wouldn't or didn't want to go. You don't have to tell us why, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

There’s no way out now, I thought to myself. Butterflies in my stomach, eyes wide with fear, I couldn’t remember a thing. I’d been practicing for weeks. I’d asked the expert- my mom- what would work best. She’d prepped and primed me for this.

Mom didn't take me. I went by myself. I was surprised to know lots of other kids’ names. They didn’t know mine. My name was called. I walked to the middle of the room. It was as if I was a lightnin’ bug in a mason jar and everyone was looking. I couldn’t do it. It just wasn’t right. If I handed the pianist the sheet music and belted “I am stuck on bandaids, ‘cause bandaids stuck on me,” in front of this crowd, I’d be laughed out of the audition room. Paralyzed, not knowing what to do, I went with the first thing I could think of. “Can you play a C please?” The pianist played the note. I whisper sang, “Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light...” all the way to the finish. I didn’t get the part.

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