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Folk Tale Prompt 6

The little girl in the story of Red Riding Hood (also known as "Golden Hood" -- just for fun, see if you can find other variants of the story) is given a basket of goodies by her mother, items to carry on her journey from the safety of her own home to the grandmother's house in the woods. Sometimes the basket holds bread and cheese and wine, sometimes soup, always something nurturing, but usually not helpful to the young girl who will face danger -- how helpful is a loaf of bread when facing a big, bad wolf?

Writing Prompt

Pack a basket, box, suitcase, receptacle of appropriate size and strength (describe this ideal carrying case), for the journey that became your first steps into a different life, or the journey that you would like to take. What's in your basket?

Here's what I wrote:

My baby, my boy,

you told me, you warned.

You’re on your way.

I can’t say I’m ready

For this day.

Slow down, my child,

we don’t have much time.

Fill the go bag

with all you can find.

Of me and of you

Of us here together

This way you’ll be ready

For whatever, whenever.

Hand warmers and gloves

to keep you from freezing;

podcasts and playlists

to listen to with ease.

A journal and pen,

I hope you will write.

A phone with strong signal,

it carries at night.

Snacks for your hunger,

water for thirst,

bottled dreams, a few dollars

for times best and times worst.

The things that won’t fit

will stay here with me.

stickers on walls,

scribbles that mark your feet tall;

They’ll keep me company.

Look at you,

my sweet one

you told me you’d go

I love you. I’ll miss you.

I know you already know.

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