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Easing into sabbatical

I got a note from a friend checking on me to see how sabbatical was going. I didn't think sabbatical had started yet. I was thinking that I was on holiday break and that sabbatical will start Jan 11th. That led me to think- How does a sabbatical start? Will it have a flow to it? What about all the distractions and reminders of work? How do I immerse into sabbatical? And what do I do everyday?

It feels like I am wanting it to be- out of necessity- an incubation period or launching pad for the next thing. I am thinking that sabbatical will be a getting ready, of sorts. And that feels like work. It would be a work that I enjoy, but it would still be work.

How do I get sabbatical right? I don't want to squander or wreck the time. I want it to be used well. I want it to be what sabbatical is supposed to be. Is it even sabbatical if I have not written morning pages or practiced yoga?

I don't exactly know what sabbatical is, how it starts, or when it truly starts. It doesn't feel like anything can start until I have a studio set up and some time away. [I'm setting up a temporary studio at Myers Park Baptist Church and hoping to find a more permanent West Side location by March. I'm going away to Blowing Rock and staying in a cabin that was gifted to me for a week, starting Jan 11.]

And so, I'm in the in between time- when work is still interrupting and work is still going on and I am also lounging a bit more and feeling like I'm supposed to be productive and not productive all at once.

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