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Daylight's Parament

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Daylight's Parament

Textile, Found Objects, Poetry


Vibrant color, texture, found objects, and words of blessing are stitched together to bring about a sense of connectivity and beauty.

Daylight's Parament is for sale.


Daylight's Parament is a piece created during the 2021 Artist Theologian Residency at Myers Park Baptist Church. It is a hand sewn textile piece that hangs on a drapery rod.

The fabric of your life is rich and vibrant

The strands knit you in,

tightly, behind and before

New fibers will be woven

Hair from a perm gone wrong

Fragments of unrequited love

Ribbon from a favorite dress

Some threads will loosen

Chords from a song, words lost

Relationships frayed

Dreams unraveled

Take your full shape

Reach to the fringes

Expand beyond this corner

Trace the material of yourself

Hold tightly to the truth

You are good

Hold loosely to the rest

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