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Cultural Organizing: What and Why

What is Cultural Organizing?

Cultural Organizing is the strategic use of art and culture to make social impact and change. It integrates art, food, language, practices, music, design, community of place, cultural identity, traditions, ritual, imagination, mutual care, and a justice worldview in order to embody Beloved Community.

Examples of Cultural Organizing:

"Prayer is the way humans relate to God's spirit. Culture is the way humans relate to God's soul." ~Alexia Salvatierra

Why Cultural Organizing?

Scarcity mindset, extraction economy, oppression, racism...these are systems and structures...they are a culture. They are embedded in cultural identity...our language, art, music, food, practices, design, community of place, traditions, ritual, imagination, neighboring, and worldview.

In order to cultivate community for the common good, we must experiment, rehearse, practice, and embody an alternative.

We have work to do

Sonya Renee Taylor provides some helpful perspective on the culture of whiteness here:

and here

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