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Creative Praxis beyond Corona

Perhaps this saturated an intense time is helping to point things out that are or have been always the case. Here is one of those things

Something I'm noticing about my creative process...artistic process...praxis...

creative praxis is:

I often start by moving the furniture. I'll work in a space, enjoy the space, gett used to the space, make mess in the space, live in the space. And then I'll feel blocked or stuck or overloaded or cluttered. That feeling will stay for a while. I'll notice it. Get frustrated by it. Feel bound by it. Wrestle with it. Pause in it.

Breath will become shallow. There may be growling. A sigh. Silence. There is not telling how long or short this part lasts.

And then, I get an urge. A notion. An inkling. It tells me it is time to move the furniture. Clear off the desk. Files things away. Clean up the clutter. Make things more open. Freshen things up. Display something different. Look at something new.

Move things around. Use your body. Lift heavy things. Carry them to new places. Let your mind wander as you do this. Make a spot for you. To think. To play. To To read. To wonder.

The furniture sits in new places and so do I. So do my thoughts. Things shifted.

The creative praxis continues.

When I was in highschool, I would sit in math class and make a doodle page. At the end of class, I'd hand it off as a gift to a friend. Here's my doodle page from today. I'm thinking a lot about creating a little village where abundance is coming to life.

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