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Community Accountability Part 5

If you're just entering into this topic, you may want to start with Part 1 of this blog series on Transformative Justice and the Community Accountability Process. Here we go...

Once you, as the coordinator, have done some preliminary processing, mapping, and team organizing, it is time to start the teams' work. You'll want to be thorough with the teams and develop community agreements, process expectations, assess capacity and right fit, and covenant to the process.

Each team will listen to the story of the person they are on the team for. (survivor or one who harmed) The teams will map and define harm, hurt, trigger....what happened. The teams will discuss what needs repairing and how to repair. The teams will get clarity on demands and needs. The teams will create an accountability plan that includes a timeline, self reflection, repair, apology, change in behavior, support systems, roles, participant needs. Each team will plan for follow through, evaluations, set backs, noticing opportunities for growth, and feelings monitor. Throughout this process, the coordinator does not veto or make judgement. Instead, the coordinator mediates and moves process forward.

Teams will...

  • Get Clear- What happened? Facts? Who is involved? Self Assessment- Am I the one to take this on?

  • Stay safe and sustainable- Risks, dangers, safety plan

  • Map allies and barriers- build the team

  • Set Goals- Needs, wants, demands

  • Support survivors and bystanders

  • Take Accountability

  • Work Together

  • Keep on track

Keep in mind: When folks are healing, their needs and wants will shift and new things will surface. Build shifts and change into the process. Give time for reflection on needs before solidifying them. As new needs surface, stay to the plan so that there can be closure and the formal process can end, especially if the needs are being met.

There are lots and lots more resources and notes on Community Accountability.

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