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Change Makers' Rehearsal Dinners

Did you know that artists have super powers? Artists have super strength abilities. They are extraordinarily able to make meaningful connection across difference, disrupt the status quo, and adapt to change. Some artists come by these super strengths naturally, but most artists engage in regular practices to strengthen their powers. Regular rehearsal, trial and error, making meaning, critical review, and letting go of favorite ideas are artistic practices that equip artists. This makes artists uniquely equipped, not only in their field, to generate creative community solutions. These practices and skills of artists make them especially able to create social change and make meaningful impact.What if we gathered artists, culture bearers, and community engaged folks for a time of creative praxis: action and reflection? Just imagine what might come.

QC Family Tree now introduces the Change Makers’ Rehearsal Dinner. During themed community gatherings, creatives will wrestle, imagine, and experiment with integrating creative practice and social change. The Change Makers’ Rehearsal Dinner provides an opportunity for artist change agents to gather, rehearse new possibilities and make unexpected connections that generate meaningful relationships as well as community solutions that positively impact our neighborhoods and city. Change Makers’ Rehearsal Dinners are for creatives who want to be in conversation and community with other creative change agents.

Do you want to come to a Change Makers’ Rehearsal Dinner? Change Makers are artists, musicians, writers, poets, faith practitioners, healers, and other culture bearers who engage in community issues through their creative practice. If this is you, great! Change Makers’ Rehearsal Dinners are invitation only events, but QC Family Tree will be hosting one every two months. If you fill out this form, you’ll be contacted soon about an upcoming event.

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