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Bits and Pieces

I don't really have a full blog post to share. Just bits and pieces.

Nights have been so loud in the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to turning on our AC so that we can close the windows. There's a whistle man who walks around in the middle of the night whistling really loud these shrill no-melody whistles. Some of the kids in the neighborhood got their hands on a motorbike. They are riding that muffler-less thing 24/7 and at night too. It is so loud. We've heard a lot of gunshots lately. This used to be a regular occurrence, but had subsided. The gunshots are back. Several folks have tethered dogs who bark so loud at night. I haven't slept well.

A theme of a lot of dreams lately: my children are at risk, the youth group members are at risk, someone who I trusted is coming in for an attack, my goodness is in question.

Sometimes a show or movie will catch me and I'll be gripped by it. I'll follow the movie trail on IMDB and see what other movies the actors were in. I'll read about the actors. I may even buy the book to read. I will re-watch. This time, "Normal People" on Hulu caught me. I watched it twice and then bought and read the book in two days.

The boys have been playing with an across the street neighbor. At first, they did a good job of staying 6ft apart while playing. That doesn't happen anymore. I love that they like playing with the kid. I am nervous that we are violating our quaranteam agreement and that the team will be angry at me for not abiding by our agreement. I've asked for another talk to discuss what amendments we might want to make. I have thought of ways we could "stretch" the rules a bit. Like, what if we agree we can interact with someone who is not on the team at closer than 6ft and without a mask but for only a certain amount of time and only a certain amount of occurrences?

We did have a 6ft picnic with friends this weekend and I went on an attempted 6ft walk with another friend this weekend. I'll admit that when the boys came to pick me up from the walk, they did not keep the 6ft distancing.

I participated in a 2 day Racial Equity training this week. There's a lot to unpack. I may try to write a different blog about that.

Several "outside" organizations have asked me to help with such and such. These are organizations in which, in the past, I would have easily participated. Now, I can't stir the energy to even reply to the email. I need more personal reach outs and touch points than emails to feel motivated or even to remember things like that. Personal touch points are memory builders and connectors for me.

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Who was the racial equity training through? REI? I've been wanting to go to one of their trainings.

Synes godt om

Gosh the 6ft thing has been so hard for my boys and our direct neighbor kids too. I find myself sounding like a broken record when they are playing--"6ft boys", "back up boys", "social distancing boys." Especially because I know the neighbor kids visit other houses around the neighborhood.

Synes godt om
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