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After the Residency

The official end date for my six week artist residency at McColl Center for Arts and Innovation is December 8th. In the six weeks, I have done the following:

  • Journalled regularly about my dreams, progress, to do lists, and observatios

  • Researched statistics on eviction and its effects in Charlotte

  • Experimented with various community engagement techniques, including instagram stories, eventbrite invitations, blog posts, and in person gatherings such as a WSCLT community build, artistic facilitation of a workshop on Renters Equity, hosted a community music and art jam session.

  • Explored the role of artist as observer, recorder, finder, prayer, maker, connector, and culture bearer.

  • Practiced a vocabulary and culture of measuring and describing social impact using "Stamps of Impactful"

  • Collected and recorded evicted items and locations.

  • Recalled and remembered the ordinary saints who have been evicted

  • Created three Reliquaries to the Evicted

  • Connected two journalists to the other Charlotte Artists as Change Agents who are a part of this residency cohort.

I'm wondering, "what now?" What happens now to the artist self within me? Is there space for her to continue practicing somehow? What happens to the three reliquaries? After the show on Jan 10th, is there a space for them in a gallery or perhaps a sacred space such as a sanctuary or place of prayer in which they may be housed? Are there communities of faith or social practice that have openness to an artist in residence? Is there a way to sustain this kind of practice, either part or full time?

Patiently, I'll continue to create, pray, and share as what comes next becomes clear.

The Artist Talk for the residency is Dec 12th at 6:30pm. The Show is Jan 10th

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