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Abundance Lab

Abundance Lab-Cultivating a culture of abundance

Neighboring for Good Series

Creatively cultivating neighbors who are Here for Good



Future Ancestors

Villages of abundance

QC Family Tree is a people who are cultivating community for the common good in a place where abundance is coming to life.

At QC Family Tree, we see our space and work as a place of experimentation- a lab or demonstration plot where we can try out a new way of living into abundance. A place of practice and learning- an incubator that grows the we>me mentality and behaviors so fully and so well that common good kicks out the old way of thinking; community interdependence becomes a part of our DNA, our core.

QC Family Tree presents the Abundance Lab- cultivating a culture of abundance.

During this 6 week Abundance Lab series, participants will explore stories and skills of Neighboring for Good by

Engaging key Bible stories

Developing small projects of community engagement

Activating narratives of abundance rather than scarcity

Exploring a variety of creative learning methods

Participants should be prepared for a small amount of reflective journaling and/or reading in between gatherings.

Participants are asked to make a commitment to attending all 6 sessions.

“Articulate with utter clarity what the vision of God is, the radical vision. Then and only hen we can/will do the hard work to get there. Name the future and show where it exists in the present” (Notes from Neighborhood Economics)

How do we cultivate community for the common good, where all may flourish, with a recognition and understanding of interconnectedness; not only to one another but also to our history and the systems of governance, economy, and development that brought us to this place and time?


Unit 1- Grounding- What is in the soil?

1.1 We are bound together

1.2(c) Mourning the Sins of the World ** optional

1.2(s) Acknowledging difficult issues in the world** optional

1.3 Naming hard/scary things so we can address them

1.4 (c) There is another way

1.4 (s) there is another way

Unit 2- Roots Run Deep

2.1(c) We live in the Empire

2.2(c) The Empire Damages us

2.3 Power Mapping

2.4 Critical Race Anlysis ** optional

2.5(c) Interrupting the narrative of the Empire

2.5 (s) Disrupting Status Quo

2.6 Confronting our own freedom- Another world is possible with us as co-creators

Unit 3- Another World is Possible

3.1(c) God Introduces Neighborliness

3.1(s) Introducing Neighborliness

3.2 Reneighboring

3.3 Incorporating Yourself into the Story

3.4 Understanding Asset Based Thinking

3.5 Creatively Incorporating Gifts and Resources to Solve Issues

Unit 4- New Growth

4.1 What do the trees have to say about cultivating abundance? ** optional

4.2 What do our neighbors/neighborhood say about abundance? +heritage culture**optional

4.3 Moving from concept to reality

4.4 Examples of Praxis from QCFT

4.5 Learning our Role as Incarnational Practitioners

4.6 Practical Application- Changing the Metrics

4.7 Practical Application- Bringing it Home, Making it personal

Unit 5- Rings of the Tree/Strength/Sinews

5.1 Relentlessly Holding onto Hope

5.2 Becoming Midwives of New Beginning

5.3 What to do when stuck, falling back, addicted to Empire

5.4 Thriving from a riff

5.5 (c)Creative Exploration of the scriptures/Cultivating Biblical Imagination of liberation ** optional

5.6 Saing Yes, and…

5.6.1 Saying Yes, doing hard, counter cultural things

5.6.2 Saying Yes, learning to allow for emergence and improvisation

5.6.3 Saying Yes, working together, solidarity, receiving each other’s gifts

Unit 6- Fruit

6.1 We learn from Ancient and Present Neighbors about how to cultivate abundance

6.2 We honor the holy and ordinary saints for cultivating abundance

6.3 We name and proclaim a future of abundance

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