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100 Tiny Things

On July 28, 2022, Blumenthal Performing Arts announced it "will launch its new Charlotte International Arts Festival (CIAF) in Uptown Charlotte and surrounding areas September 16–October 2, 2022. The festival will bring exciting and innovative art and entertainment from all over the world, across a variety of genres and mediums, as well as highlight the rich international cultures that are present in the Queen City. There will be unique chances for local artists to get involved with CIAF in big and small ways, from workshops and master classes to assisting visiting international artists in building large-scale installations."

One of the featured CIAF art installations is 100 TINY THINGS, a project that’s part surprise, part treasure hunt on Tryon Street between Blumenthal’s Belk and Knight Theaters. 100 TINY THINGS are playful, curious, and delightfully disruptive installations that are a joy to stumble upon and encourage the public to explore the larger footprint of CIAF, as well as begin to see the city through new eyes. (Blumenthal Press Release)

My piece was chosen to be one of the 100 tiny things. I hid it in plain view on a bus stop at the S. Tryon St block between MLK Blvd and Levine Avenue of the Arts.

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