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Invoking the Divine, Space 1

"Invoking the Divine", a series of outdoor interactive prayer and creativity spaces will be installed at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC; March 28-April 4, 2021. The spaces are best experienced with the assistance of a smart phone and headphones. Participants will want to set aside a minimum of 90 minutes in order to engage fully in the experience.

Space 1

Honoring the Ancestors

The image you see on the altar before you was created by Helms Jarrell in response to a year-long research project and culminating gathering entitled “Liberating Church Project.” The Liberating Church Project research team studied faith practices of the Hush Harbors. Hush Harbors were faith practices of Africans who were enslaved in America. Some common marks of Hush Harbor practices are: gatherings hidden from the gaze of the master, egalitarian leadership, all folks’ needs are met, conversation with scripture, expressions of joy unspeakable, focus on liberation, reaching back to move forward (sankofa), “I am because we are” (ubuntu), and staying alert to justice. The ancestors depicted in the image represent people in history who stood for justice, liberation, and love.

When you approach this space, you are offered a series of resources including a written prayer and suggested song to listen to. You will be guided to interact with the items within the space.

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