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Carrying the weight of the world

Recently, a call for proposals was announced inviting artists to reflect upon the story of Atlas, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Considering Atlas' story, depict with art the person(s) who carried the weight of the world during 2020.

I caught myself reflecting upon women who nurtured and tended to children and future dreams and also women who continued to carried and kept alive visions of hope and possibility. I am in the process of creating a collection of pieces reflecting the women who carried the future in their arms, dreams, and hearts.

Here's what I am thinking about:

Bearers, midwives, inheritors, givers.

Birthing, nurturing, embracing, imagining, carrying.

Ma, Aunty, Mimi.

Holding, tending, crafting, mending

About the process...I continue to use found objects in my work. I am enjoying exploring the use of positive and negative space to make images. The medium is a combination of cardboard, an acrylic medium that resembles stone, matte and glossy black acrylic paint.

The first image I made represents a multiplicity of woman holding a child. The second image I made represents a woman carrying hope, dreams, and vision. I am in the process of making a third image that will represent a woman bearing the weight of love in her heart and soul.

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